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Day 22: Pacman and LEGOs

Project Looking Glass | Day 22

This is a photo I’ve been looking to create this kind of photo for years. A few things I was missing was the Ghosts and a Pacman and a good concept. Continue reading


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Day 20: JDuels Gone Ape

If a Vampire and a Pharoh had to fight, who would win? Chuck Norris!
Project Looking Glass | Day 20

JD Hancock is one of my favorite photographers. He’s older and has kids and plays with toys. I once commented on a photo of his – “When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.” He responds with “Who says I’ve grown up?”

LOVE IT! Continue reading

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Day 18: Gravity and Machines Don’t Mix

Day 18b

Read and watch the the destiny of my Nikon SB-600… Continue reading

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Day 17: Shower before you Flash

Day 17

Okay, so I thought that was a funny title. Well, it’s kinda true. Have you have used a towel so much that it went from white to… well, not white? I’ll show you what I did with a some wires, books, a flash and a clean towel. I sound like MacGyver! Behind the Scenes Video and Inspiration for this photo. Click if you want to¬† Continue reading

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Day 15: Stop the Bullying

Day 15
Continue reading

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Day 13 – A Look into all my Photos

Project Looking Glass | Day 13

It’s March 14. I’m leaving Korea in 16 days. Korea has been my permanent home for the last four years. I’ve been teaching here every since graduation in 2007 from Gordon College, in Massachusetts, USA. It’s starting to hit me. And I’m sad.

I didn’t finish Day 12’s project until 6am the night before. It’s almost the same way again. It just takes a long time to try to get a video right. Tutorials are hard, because I have to practice them over and over again so I don’t have to go in and do heavy editing out of unnecessary mouse strokes. I’ve always been annoyed at people who upload videos and they are not efficient. I need to cut my videos down to 90 seconds because of Flickr’s rules. Just because YouTube allows someone to post a 15 minute video doesn’t mean we should. Yesterday’s video was sped up by 20%, I edited out unnecessary mouse strokes, and got straight to the point.

In today’s world, there are so many editing software for free and cheap. iMovie and Windows media player are two. Learn to use them, and get better. If you take a look at my first video from Day 1, there’s no sounds, cuts are not strong, everything’s at 800% faster, and it’s a bit boring. It’s been two weeks since I’ve started this project and I think I’ve done well for myself. What do you think?

The behind the scenes video today was partly inspired by Chase Jarvis Frames – his own behind the scene videos which are basically all of his production shots – sometimes thousands of them just lined up back to back. I know I had this idea on my own, but my video was inspired by him where he pauses a few pictures throughout. I’m missing about 25% of the photos I took tonight because I didn’t realize I left my memory card in my computer! Gagh! Oh well, just keep on trekking.

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Day 12: Adding Texture to Portraits in Pixelmator

Project Looking Glass | Day 12

Multiply – Darkens the image, lessening the saturation and toning down the color

I haven’t taken a photo yet. Not tonight. What I have done is taken a photo from a long time ago and improved upon it with a new technique I just taught myself. It’s called BLENDING. When blending, I can add textures to a photo to give it more feeling. Someone who I think does this well is Paul Cook. Two examples of his work are Return to Sender and Metamorphosis II.

Other photographers have done this, too, but I was never able to until I got myself Pixelmator. I know there are many tutorials out there for Photoshop – but not a lot for this program.

You can create your own textures as you see them like what I did in my photo here from a slave castle in Ghana. Or you can look up textures from other websites that are royalty free (so you won’t be stealing). I usually use SXC. SXC is free but you have to sign up. They also advertise to iStockPhoto but iStockPhoto costs money. With royalty free images, you can take them without needing to pay the artist, but it’s always nice to credit him/her. The texture I used in the photo above came from SXC, ID#450055.

Please download this photo and my photo so you can go along with my tutorial as well. My final photos had two layers of 450055 and one layer of 857834 from SXC

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Day 6: 24 Hours Later

Project Looking Glass Day 6 (Blue)

24 hours. That’s how long it took to go from concept to execution of this new photo. It took way too long because of a lot of technical difficulties. The first set up was going to be similar to this photo but the water didn’t fall right. I was going to also tether the camera to my Macbook but the camera was in an awkward space so I tried to connect the D90 to my iPhone but the program wasn’t updated and so a few hours later of waiting ended up with a no go. This was at 5 in the morning.

I wanted to take another photo as an update to this photo but it also fell apart, too. I couldn’t get the lighting right enough and so I wasted some more time. I tried the same lighting with another LEGO character but again – no.

Jason Travis is another great photographer on Flickr that does diptychs of people and what’s in their bags. I tried doing that for a while and again – I failed at coming up with something I actually liked. In the end, I did 3 more re-shoots of a new diptych idea but then was hung up with what color choice to make and what composition to put it in. That was another hour or so editing and adjusting.

Throughout it all, I had a major head ache. I stuck with the same lighting set up from Day 1 and changed the colored paper. I have something I feel comfortable with but not entirely proud of. Another thing that gave me a headache as of writing this is the iPhone’s stupid import system where I have to import to iPhoto then import to iMovie which then has to convert the file in order to make it usable for editing. And today it won’t import. Stupid machines. So no video today but two photos.

Project Looking Glass Day 6 (Green)

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Day 5: I had photo-block

Project Looking Glass - Day 5

I went through maybe about a hundred ideas day starting at 5pm till… really late at night. I always want to outdo myself. I didn’t want to do the same type of photo again and again. Even though this is only day 5, I’ve done two (never finished) Project 365 before. I guess that’s the reason why I’ve never finished a 365 because along with not having time to just sit and think – I never was ever able to find a way to outdo myself. Continue reading

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Day 1: Unemployment is Fun-Employment!

Project Looking Glass - Day 1

I’ve been working at the same company for nearly four years now and I’ve had the time of my life as an English Teacher in South Korea. Though some may say I’m more of an entertainer than an educator. Either way I’m going to miss my students and the friends that I’ve made. With all this time on my hands, I’ve decided to take on a pretty big project to blog, photograph, and video every single day (in addition to eating, walking the dog, watching TV, and bathroom stuff). I just didn’t realize how much WORK it would take. 6 hours!! SIX hours from start to finish – mostly from trying to figure out how to take the video off my iPhone and then edit and upload it.

But hey, I got it done. And I’m proud of myself. Hopefully tomorrow won’t take so long to do.

Right on. Now to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Continue reading

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