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Photo Prize – 5 Ways to Win

Hi Kevin. Thank you Thank you Thank you x100 for everything 😀:D

You are the awesomest teacher and also my favorite teacher. I respect you so much. I want to be a person just like you when I grow up! You taught me a lot of things – more than any others taught me. As I said before, you are one of the most influential person I met. 🙂:) I can’t believe you are leaving.

Project Looking Glass | Day 24

There are a lot influential people in my life. I have taught elementary and middle school students for the last four years and a lot my experience teaching came before i was called a “teacher.” I think back to one of my most influential teachers – Continue reading


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Day 23: Capturing Without the Camera

Maika and I are Going Home

To capture the most important memories – sometimes we need to put the camera down. Continue reading

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Day 20: JDuels Gone Ape

If a Vampire and a Pharoh had to fight, who would win? Chuck Norris!
Project Looking Glass | Day 20

JD Hancock is one of my favorite photographers. He’s older and has kids and plays with toys. I once commented on a photo of his – “When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.” He responds with “Who says I’ve grown up?”

LOVE IT! Continue reading

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