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Day 14: Ugly Doll Wallpaper Tutorial

Project Looking Glass | Day 14

Today’s Pixelmator Lesson can be attributed to Justin Rampages’ Super Simple Geek Wallpaper. He created these amazing minimalistic desktop wallpapers of just the heads of 8 and 16 bit video game characters like Mario, Sonic, Link, Megaman, and others. He also has other cultural iconic characters like Boba Fett and Deadpool. Justin is giving away these photos for free, so take advantage and give him a thanks. The only sad thing is I haven’t seen him update his Flickr in a while.

So I’ll help you by also giving you a minimalistic wallpaper of a Yellow Bat Ugly Doll. I’ll even show you how to make one with a free raw photo to start with here and a tutorial when you click to


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Day 12: Adding Texture to Portraits in Pixelmator

Project Looking Glass | Day 12

Multiply – Darkens the image, lessening the saturation and toning down the color

I haven’t taken a photo yet. Not tonight. What I have done is taken a photo from a long time ago and improved upon it with a new technique I just taught myself. It’s called BLENDING. When blending, I can add textures to a photo to give it more feeling. Someone who I think does this well is Paul Cook. Two examples of his work are Return to Sender and Metamorphosis II.

Other photographers have done this, too, but I was never able to until I got myself Pixelmator. I know there are many tutorials out there for Photoshop – but not a lot for this program.

You can create your own textures as you see them like what I did in my photo here from a slave castle in Ghana. Or you can look up textures from other websites that are royalty free (so you won’t be stealing). I usually use SXC. SXC is free but you have to sign up. They also advertise to iStockPhoto but iStockPhoto costs money. With royalty free images, you can take them without needing to pay the artist, but it’s always nice to credit him/her. The texture I used in the photo above came from SXC, ID#450055.

Please download this photo and my photo so you can go along with my tutorial as well. My final photos had two layers of 450055 and one layer of 857834 from SXC

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Day 10: Creating Glowing Robot Eyes with Pixelmator

Project Looking Glass Day 10

Today I’ve spent a long time learning how to use Pixelmator ($59.99 @ App Store). It’s supposed to be much easier (and cheaper) than Photoshop which is in the hundreds of dollars. Even though it’s supposed to be easier, it still took me hours playing around with it to get a basic understanding of layers and how to take advantage of them. I was also learning how to do overlays and well, after hours I’m pretty tired.

One of the reasons it took so long to learn how to use it is because I was looking through YouTube videos and Googling for something specific – how to create glowing robot eyes. I mostly learned from another blogger’s post. Though his was using Photoshop, the basic principles and terms still applied. An example of what I’m going for could be seen in Edward‘s Wall-E and Ironman toys. I’m not saying Edward used this procedure similar to mine, but this is what I learned and I want to share that with you, my fellow readers.

I’m going to include a a video that shows the the step by step of a my Terminator Bunny. I’m also going to give you a LINK to an unedited photo for you to practice on and keep. AWESOME!

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