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Day 22: Pacman and LEGOs

Project Looking Glass | Day 22

This is a photo I’ve been looking to create this kind of photo for years. A few things I was missing was the Ghosts and a Pacman and a good concept. Continue reading


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Day 21: Creating Indians, Aliens, and Sheep

Project Looking Glass | Day 21

I wrote a long blog. Then WordPress kaboomed last night when I pressed “save draft.” Blah… Continue reading

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Day 16: From Vampires to Gorillas

Day 16

I’m surprised and yet, not, that I’ve made it to 16 days. On one level it doesn’t feel like it and on another level I worked so hard every single day to do this. It takes a long time to produce a photo, a video, and a blog. Something like 4-8 hours a day. Which is okay for now but when I return to the US I’ll be much busier. A tour behind Project Looking Glass and the process after the jump:  Continue reading

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Day 15: Stop the Bullying

Day 15
Continue reading

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