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Day 27: What I Miss the Most

Day 27: What I miss the Most

I got a call today. The call was from Wayne from Bunker Hill Community College. The day after I sent my resume and cover in to Excel Academy, my resume ends up on his desk then a few minutes later a circumstance prompts him to find me – even with the wrong phone number attached to the resume. He sought me out and played phone tag with a few people until I was the one on the receiving end. And what he said really hit a cord.

He asked if I wanted to teach again. It would be for a beginners level ESL class. And then he knew I liked photography and then suggested maybe someday teaching a course on photography. Wow. He was a great guy on the phone. Very positive and very welcoming in a matter of 5 minutes.

The rest of the day I had to think about what I wanted. What was it that I missed. What was it that made me so happy when I was in South Korea. And for me, it was the process of creation. The process of creation and making something new and different and sharing it with others. Whether that was in the classroom with my students, with other teachers when I was their Head Instructor or peer like them, whether it’s when I take photos and give them out en mass for free to my students.

I think that’s reflected in my new phrase – something you can see on my Twitter page: StopSnoring MakeMistakes ShareEverything. So what does this mean? At least for me it’s like this:

  • StopSnoring – One of the hardest things I have to do each day is wake up. Waking up is hard because I know I have to do stuff but I don’t want to. To take this further I don’t study because I don’t want to. Not because I have something better to do but because maybe it’s hard. Maybe it takes too long. Maybe I’m lazy. So this is the first step.
  • MakeMistakes – This used to phrased, “BeCreative”.  But it’s more than that. Being creative means I’m going to make something cool. I’m going to make something unique, original, novel (yes, they all mean the same thing – blah!). But being creative is not the goal. The goal is to learn. And how we get there is by trying.  And when we try we sometimes fail. And when we fail – we succeed. Because it’s not always a fail. A mistake can be an inspiration that leads to the next step. Just take a look at my Day 2 photoshoot. I had one idea that changed 3 times to end up being a very cool photo – a result that never would have happened if did not make mistakes. So, in the end, making mistakes is welcoming inspiration.
  • ShareEverything – That’s easy. If I took a photo, I post it on Flickr. If I have an idea I blog about it. But again – it’s more than that. If you really love something, or really excited about something – you can’t hold it in. The feeling of getting a hundred on an exam, finishing that piano recital without a hitch, successfully asking that girl out! ShareEverything also means do what you love and be proud of it. Win or lose. And tell the world. And if you are just that much more successful, help others get there, too. ShareEverything means Love your self and Love others.

In light of sharing – The best sharers on the interweb –


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