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Day 26 – Digital Signature Made SUPER Easy

Blog and Video,

I just finish my third cover letter in my life. The first one I wrote for my Gordon College Internship. The second my first job after graduation. CVs are hard and they take way too much time. I don’t really like writing them – compared to college essays where I know my profs and their expectations. It’s just that a CV goes to the hired help and I may never get the chance to have honest feedback. That’s the risk I guess. It’s scary – to have given so much effort and heart into and not know where the future lies.

At least, though, I’ll look good doing it. In fact, I’ll show you my business card, résumé, and cover letter for you to see and maybe – you can give some honest feedback? I hope I get this position. It seems like something geared towards me. The CV was actually easy to write because my principles fall in line with Excel Academy Charter School.

Also, in order to make it look good – I also added a digital signature via my camera and Flickr. I hope you like the video tutorial!


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