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Hi Kevin. Thank you Thank you Thank you x100 for everything 😀:D

You are the awesomest teacher and also my favorite teacher. I respect you so much. I want to be a person just like you when I grow up! You taught me a lot of things – more than any others taught me. As I said before, you are one of the most influential person I met. 🙂:) I can’t believe you are leaving.

Project Looking Glass | Day 24

There are a lot influential people in my life. I have taught elementary and middle school students for the last four years and a lot my experience teaching came before i was called a “teacher.” I think back to one of my most influential teachers –

Mr. Blasdale (I’m a professional adult of 25 years and still feel uncomfortable calling him Spencer)  taught me to think outside the box, and was important in my growth and love of history. The earliest essay I remember writing was in the 7th grade about Christopher Columbus, an Indian, and somebody else. Instead of a simple conversation between me and these three individuals, he allowed me to weave a time travel story where these three would portal in and out my bedroom as I was doing my homework. I would be confused as they would converse and interact. The best part of the story, I thought, was they would reappear at different times in their lives and act differently based on their experiences – so there was a growing and understanding between these people. Mr. Blasdale taught me the freedom within learning. There’s more than one way to reach a goal for different people. As different students learn differently, we teacher must encourage that growth in that own particular way.

Mr. Blasdale told me to fail. I think he said this everyday via the large banners on the wall we have to walk pass many times a day. The more I failed, he told me, the more I’ll succeed. I’ve always found this counter intuitive. But each time we try, and we fail, we learn something. If we allow ourselves to learn something, we become better people because we won’t make that mistake again. AND it’s more than that. As I’m learning from my mistakes, others can learn too! And therefore society will be growing together and moving faster and better than if we were alone. We share our glories and our failures and build a better future.

Mr. Blasdale  also taught me to teach. He would always say, “We’re all teachers and we’re all students.” I never understood that. In fact, I hated him for saying that. Why should I, a smart student, be teach another dumb student math or history or science? I’m not a teacher. And the dumb kid is slowing me down. But Mr. Blasdale taught me that to really learn, I must also be able to teach to learn. In teaching others, I’m internalizing the concepts, the examples, and learning to simplify the ideas enough to help another person understand. In doing so, I’ll understand it better myself. And in doing so, each struggling student gets personalized attention which may help him or her acquire the information faster.

And so now here is the contest.

I want you to share your story. Here, and on Flickr, FB, Twitter, and YouTube. You can write the same story on all 5 social media sites. Tell me a story of who was influential in your young life and why.

So I ask: Who is/was an influential person in your childhood?

Where and how to answer:

  1. BLOG: Comment on this post and Share your story to the question
  2. FLICKR: Link to your favorite blog post of mine and Share your story to the question in this Flickr post
  3. FACEBOOK: Comment, Like, and Share this photo through Facebook with the  tag @Kevin Thai Photography along with your story to the question
    1. You must be a fan first on my Facebook Fan Page
    2. Here are instructions on how to tag me in your status
  4. TWITTER: Tweet this link with the hash tag #KTPhoto and Share your answer to the question
  5. YOUTUBE: Share a video response or a written story answering the question on my YouTube video

Stuff to Know:

  1. This is FREE and for FUN – Anyone around the world can enter – tell your friends!
  2. Ends April 2nd at 11:59pm Boston Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)
  3. Each way you enter will count to one Raffle
    1. ie: Commenting 10 times on one site still only count once
    2. You can share the same story at each social media site
    3. YouTube Video responses will double your chances!
  4. Random.orgwill determine the winner
    1. Winner will receive a photo of their choice from my Flickr Stream(excluding those w/ people)
      1. First place will receive an 8×10
      2. Second and Third place will receive a 5×7
      3. Fourth and Fifth place will receive a 4×6

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