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Day 22: Pacman and LEGOs

Project Looking Glass | Day 22

This is a photo I’ve been looking to create this kind of photo for years. A few things I was missing was the Ghosts and a Pacman and a good concept.

BLOG: There’s less than a week left before I’m going home back to the US. But I’m a little bit worried. I’ve lived in South Korea for 4 years and I’m not a very good communicator online. Which is weird because I’m doing that right now :/ Now many of my friends will be married, a long term relationship, and connected with their friends for a long time. With the close friends that I have here, they will still be “here” in Korea or back all over in the US. And to my friends at home – I feel like I will have to start over again. Even with my family – my brother has been in University for a few years now and I haven’t seen my parents either. My cousins have kids grown up, and I’ll be the strange Uncle that they’ve never met before.

I think it was much easier to move away right after College to my first real job. Because that’s what everyone did. What do I do when I go home? How do I prepare for it? How do I connect with people again? To tell the truth, I’m a bit scared.


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