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Day 20: JDuels Gone Ape

If a Vampire and a Pharoh had to fight, who would win? Chuck Norris!
Project Looking Glass | Day 20

JD Hancock is one of my favorite photographers. He’s older and has kids and plays with toys. I once commented on a photo of his – “When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.” He responds with “Who says I’ve grown up?”


This photo was inspired by JD’s Duel 365 Serise where each day of the year he would pit a toy character against another toy character. I’d say 99.9% of his photos were all analoge – NO photoshop what-so-ever. Here’s one example of JD’s behind the scenes of DIY goodness where he could have easily PS’s the background and the floating Dr. Manhattan. In fact, he has a whole set dedicated to his behind the scenes – a reason why I started this behind the scenes project myself.

So I’ve always asked myself – What if the toys could reach over to the other side? I mean – Why not? It wasn’t like they were PS’d in from two different locations. There were on the same set, right? And then I had to add my own spin to what JD did. My own “chaos” because I’ve always like chaos in my photos as exemplified here, here, and here.

Another tribute to JD is a pun, if he or others gets it. I have a Gorilla LEGO character, and a Joby Gorilla Pod. Heh, get it?

Here is my lesson for today:

Photography is a game. It’s a game where we want to one up each other. I’m in the mindset that I don’t really need to make real money to support my expensive hobby, and for most of us with a camera – we don’t want to either. We want to have fun and we want each other have fun. The better we all are, the better the game becomes and that’s what we all should be striving for. That’s a big reason why I’m doing this project showing my behind the scenes in video format – from my concepts, my editing, my set ups, and  my lull moments.

A photographer I respect said this (paraphrased, alot): There is no such thing as original art. Everything that we do and will do was influenced from the great artists of the past. We digital photographers have learned from the print photographers have learned from the master painters have learned from the cavemen and their stone walls. With the same camera, in the same settings, with the same subject, we are all different because we are all individuals drawing upon our own experiences. And so all of us are masters at what we do because what we do are inspired originals, and at the same time we owe it to the masters of our contemporaries and our past.

So the lesson. Don’t be afraid to pick up a camera everyday. If you have to copy someone else’s work, please do! But also be inspired to put your own spin on it. Your own story. Your own specialness. Your own love.

Peace and Enjoy the Behind the Scenes


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