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Day 18: Gravity and Machines Don’t Mix

Day 18b

Read and watch the the destiny of my Nikon SB-600…

The night started off well. I had everything set up and all my lights in the right place. I pressed the shutter of my D90 and all that turned up on the back of my camera was a blank. I pulled my camera back a little further and again – nothing. My wireless flash unit was not doing its job. I picked up the flash unit the battery was going. So I opted for a more reliable corded set up and that was great for about an hour. Then my flash stopped working completely. Not because the battery completely gave out but — it FELL. Hard. And now – I’m sad.

The good thing, though – UPGRADE! SB700 or SB900?


March 19, 2011 - Posted by | LEGO |


  1. Well, as they say: you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs 🙂

    Where I live the price difference between the 700 and the 900 is insigbificant. If that’s the case around your parts, I’d go for the latter.

    Comment by JX | March 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Yeah – I was just thinking about the price. I haven’t done any research on them yet, but I would like to pick up one more Speed Light. The 900 is more powerful – but the 700 is the latest version 🙂

      Comment by Kevin Thai | March 20, 2011 | Reply

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