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Day 17: Shower before you Flash

Day 17

Okay, so I thought that was a funny title. Well, it’s kinda true. Have you have used a towel so much that it went from white to… well, not white? I’ll show you what I did with a some wires, books, a flash and a clean towel. I sound like MacGyver! Behind the Scenes Video and Inspiration for this photo. Click if you want to 

Well, my iPhone bricked on me today. So I had to learn a whole new way to take videos with an Android OS, but that records in .3gp which I had to upload, then had to convert to .mov which I then had to import again to iMovie and then export. Needless to say it took too long a time and I almost gave up. I already did that once on Day 6. I don’t wanna keep making a habit out of it.

The photo today was inspired by Bleau and Perry. They create these great photos of 1/6 figures and I’ve always looked up to them. I said “create” because the photos they take are not just “snap shots” but well thought out and carefully planned and executed scenes. Yes – Scenes – like from a movie. I bought myself a few Hot Toys and Sideshow figures.

But today I have a LEGO Bionicle Hero Factory. They’re much larger than my other LEGOs and Ugly Dolls and a lot more posable, too. That’s why I’m looking forward to receiving my Hot Toys in the mail and really push my skills with larger light set ups and larger scenes. Actually, I learned a lot about setting up for larger figures from Bleau and his own behind the scenes. On his blog, he actually teaches you everything. What a great guy.


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