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Day 16: From Vampires to Gorillas

Day 16

I’m surprised and yet, not, that I’ve made it to 16 days. On one level it doesn’t feel like it and on another level I worked so hard every single day to do this. It takes a long time to produce a photo, a video, and a blog. Something like 4-8 hours a day. Which is okay for now but when I return to the US I’ll be much busier. A tour behind Project Looking Glass and the process after the jump: 

The first thing I do is just think. Sometimes by drawing, but mostly I walk around. Once the basic concept comes to mind – I start fiddling with my toys and lights taking about 10 test shots or just imagining what the possibilities are. Usually around this time I have a eureka moment and start work towards a new concept and won’t relent until I get it. I use Aperture 2 as my primary editing tools and Pixelmator as secondary, mostly because I just got it.

All the while I take a video on my iPhone. But the ONLY way to import the movies is through iPhoto. I can’t just drag a drop the files onto my dekstop AND what frustrates me the most is that the movies don’t always load so I waste so much time. I’ve learned to just work on my blog while waiting. If I’m recording my screen I use Camtasia. When everything’s done, I finish with iMovie. complete the process by finding music via Creative Commons at

Tagging and hyperlinks also takes time. I had to create a template where I can just plug all the web addresses in to make it faster. This I save onto Google Docs can paste into Flickr.

Recap: Walk around aimlessly. Take lots of random photos. Upload photos. Upload videos. Edit photos. Write Blog. Cut movie. Find Music. Upload video. Sun rises. Sleep.

So my question is – What is YOUR process?


March 17, 2011 - Posted by | Concept to Completion

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