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Day 10: Creating Glowing Robot Eyes with Pixelmator

Project Looking Glass Day 10

Today I’ve spent a long time learning how to use Pixelmator ($59.99 @ App Store). It’s supposed to be much easier (and cheaper) than Photoshop which is in the hundreds of dollars. Even though it’s supposed to be easier, it still took me hours playing around with it to get a basic understanding of layers and how to take advantage of them. I was also learning how to do overlays and well, after hours I’m pretty tired.

One of the reasons it took so long to learn how to use it is because I was looking through YouTube videos and Googling for something specific – how to create glowing robot eyes. I mostly learned from another blogger’s post. Though his was using Photoshop, the basic principles and terms still applied. An example of what I’m going for could be seen in Edward‘s Wall-E and Ironman toys. I’m not saying Edward used this procedure similar to mine, but this is what I learned and I want to share that with you, my fellow readers.

I’m going to include a a video that shows the the step by step of a my Terminator Bunny. I’m also going to give you a LINK to an unedited photo for you to practice on and keep. AWESOME!


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