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Day 6: 24 Hours Later

Project Looking Glass Day 6 (Blue)

24 hours. That’s how long it took to go from concept to execution of this new photo. It took way too long because of a lot of technical difficulties. The first set up was going to be similar to this photo but the water didn’t fall right. I was going to also tether the camera to my Macbook but the camera was in an awkward space so I tried to connect the D90 to my iPhone but the program wasn’t updated and so a few hours later of waiting ended up with a no go. This was at 5 in the morning.

I wanted to take another photo as an update to this photo but it also fell apart, too. I couldn’t get the lighting right enough and so I wasted some more time. I tried the same lighting with another LEGO character but again – no.

Jason Travis is another great photographer on Flickr that does diptychs of people and what’s in their bags. I tried doing that for a while and again – I failed at coming up with something I actually liked. In the end, I did 3 more re-shoots of a new diptych idea but then was hung up with what color choice to make and what composition to put it in. That was another hour or so editing and adjusting.

Throughout it all, I had a major head ache. I stuck with the same lighting set up from Day 1 and changed the colored paper. I have something I feel comfortable with but not entirely proud of. Another thing that gave me a headache as of writing this is the iPhone’s stupid import system where I have to import to iPhoto then import to iMovie which then has to convert the file in order to make it usable for editing. And today it won’t import. Stupid machines. So no video today but two photos.

Project Looking Glass Day 6 (Green)


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