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Day 5: I had photo-block

Project Looking Glass - Day 5

I went through maybe about a hundred ideas day starting at 5pm till… really late at night. I always want to outdo myself. I didn’t want to do the same type of photo again and again. Even though this is only day 5, I’ve done two (never finished) Project 365 before. I guess that’s the reason why I’ve never finished a 365 because along with not having time to just sit and think – I never was ever able to find a way to outdo myself.

I guess I really shouldn’t be afraid to take the same type of photos – but just make it better each time. Just keep taking photos – which is what’s help me to become better. I had to learn new editing techniques, new compositions, different styles of photos. Things like cloning, changing the channels, learning the difference between exposure and brightness. I had to learn about CLS, radio triggers, umbrellas and softboxes, shutter and aperture. All fun stuff. So – my advice to myself – keep taking photos. Just keep doing it. Take the same photo – but do it differently – do it better.

Turning to that – the final idea built off of yesterday’s photo Wall-E’s “Kisses.” I ran into another problem and needed to know how to tell a story in a single frame about a ninja eating poop. Figuring that some people wouldn’t get it, I tried then to make the story two layers deep. Those in the know will understand the “poo” story and those that don’t know about yesterday’s photo will see something else funny.

So how to tell a story. When I taught my students to prepare a 2 minute play in 15 minutes – I always tell them no narrators. Tell the story through the dialogue. Start with the setting through the dialogue. It’s the same way here. I had to begin with showing the main character was a ninja. So he’s in his full gab in the first frame, and he sees this trail of Kisses. The next two frames shows his personality with first his mask off and then his rock hard abs – though he’s gouging int the food so it must be really REALLY good. His feet’s positioned so that it looks like he’s jumping into it. And finally – I have to juxposed him to his peers with his belly and their abs. I also helped to create a lighter atmosphere with one smiling, and then again setting more personality with the camera from the red ninja.

I hope you enjoyed it!


March 5, 2011 - Posted by | Food, LEGO

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