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Day 4: Today I’m a Homebody

Today I didn’t feel like going out. So I stayed home all day – minus the dog and trash. Eh, just one of those days.

Project Looking Glass - Day 4

My videos are kinda boring and yeah I realized that. They’re kinda silent. Like – no sounds. So I wanna add some music to these videos but since I’m also posting them on YouTube I don’t want to deal with copyrights and stuff. I searched “Free Royalty Free Music” and found who does instrumentals. All I have to do is put the titles of the pieces I’m are using in the video, along with a mention of the Creative Commons license, and his web site.

Title Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

He has a lot of different types of music. I’m gonna stick with him because, well, all I have to do is write in the title and added this to the video itself. The website never said how long it has to be up there. So maybe half a second?

Okay! Now to the fun stuff! HOW did I come up with the idea for this photo? It took a while. The original idea was to have LEGO minifigures of monsters play tennis with human heads. Then I was l like I wanna make it cool so I’ll need wires and all that good stuff – which I don’t have anymore. Because I moved. And because I threw them away. And because I didn’t feel like leaving the house today.

So the next idea was to change the setting to Wall-E play tennis and do some crazy posing with the clear string you saw from Day 3. But I was lazy. And being my lazy homebody self I raided the cupboards and found – CHOCOLATE KISSES!!! Munch Much! 10 pieces later I was like this looks like poop. And then I remembered Wall-E has a rear flap that opens – like those pants that babies in china wears so they can poop anywhere on the street when they need to, lol.

As I was taking the photo, it was kinda boring. Poop just laying around wasn’t funny enough. How about signs that says Free Kisses and those “kisses” reminds people of poo which then is funny… and… no. Well – how about the poop falling out of Wall-E’s butt so there’s an implied sense of motion. And I’m like – YEAH. Kevin Thai – I LOVE YOU! And there you have it. From Zombie Tennis to Wall-E Poop.


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