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Day 2: Another Look that Changed 3 Times

Project Looking Glass - Day 2
OMG! I went to Toys R Us today and found Series three. I haven’t been there in months because I’ve been so busy and most things come out in South Korea months after Stateside. So I got 15 bags. I got 4 Mummies, 3 Cyborgs, 2 Aliens, 2 Racers, 2 Angry Tennis Girls, 1 Snow Boarder, and 1 Sumo. I also went to the story today to pick up some supplies. Colored transparent plastic paper and some super huge construction paper.

So a lot of my original plans got pushed to the side today. I was going to create a photo with Angry Birds – but being as my dog’s now favorite chew toy hid it from me and so I’ll have to find it another day. I created my own snoot out of an empty Pringles can with a yellow filter cut out for it. I then wrapped construction paper around the end to give it more of a smaller hole.

The final photo you see below is a present I bought myself many years ago in High School and have never taken a photo of it. I hope I’ve done Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Starfighter justice.


March 2, 2011 - Posted by | Star Wars

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  1. […] always a fail. A mistake can be an inspiration that leads to the next step. Just take a look at my Day 2 photoshoot. I had one idea that changed 3 times to end up being a very cool photo – a result that never […]

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